(1)Classification of Bentham and hooked is


(2)system of classification used by Linnaeus was

Ans-Artificial system

(3)Artificial system of classification used by

Ans;pliny and Elder

(4)phylogenetic classification is based on

Ans-common evolutionary descent

(5)A large number of traits is present in what classification

Ans-Natural system

(6)The main basis of classification in five kingdom system is

Ans-Mode of nutrition

(7)The classification in which blue green algae ,nitrogen fixation bacteria methanogenic archaebacteria present is


(8)Example of unicellular protists

Ans-Trypanosomes,Noctiluca ,Monocystis,Giardia

(9)In anamalia cellwall is

Ans–Not present

(10)Five kingdom system of classification suggested by R.H.Whittakar is not present in

Ans-Absence and presence of nucleus

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