(1)Monaria belongs to


(2)Name the organism which do not derive energy from sun

Ans_Chemosynthetic bacteria

(3)Bacteria lack alternative generation because there is

Ans_neither syngamy not reduction division

(4)Genophore bacterial genome or nucleotide made up of

Ans_A Single double stranded DNA

(5)Esherichia coli is used extensively in biological research as it is

Ans_As it is easily cultured

(6)Nitrogen fixer soil organisim beong to

Ans– Bacteria

(7)Temperature dependence of thermal green algae is due to

Ans_- Homopolar bonds in their proteins

(8)In baceria the sex factor is


(9)The bacterium ESCHERICHIA COLI the hereditary material present

Ans–Double stranded DNA

(10)Transfer of genetic information from one bacterium to another in the transduction process through

Ans–Bacteriophages released from the donor bacterial strain

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