(1) Biodiversity is the was popularised by socio-biologists Edward Osborne wilson

(2)Biodiversity combined diversity of at all levels of biological organisation

(3)Biodiversity can also be defined as variety of life forms ,gene pools,,habitats found in area

(4)Diversity within the species called genetic diversity,, diversity of variety of species and their relative abundance called species diversity

(5)Ecological diversity related to the genetic diversity at ecological level

((6)patterns of biodiversity is plants and animals which suit them best for their survival results in different patterns of diversity

(7)As we move from equator (lower attitude) to polar(higher altitudes) Species diversity decreases called Lattitude diversity

(8)Alexander von Humboldt Geographer and german naturalist analysed species richness relationships …species richness increase with explored area upto certain limit and gave rectangular hyperbola

(9) According to David Tilman the communities with more species tend be more stable than lesser ones

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