What is sound? Give example

  Sound is a form of energy; .sound is the form of energy which makes us hear. It is the sensation felt by our ears.

  Music around us in everyday life .parents and teachers talking to children. Sounds of electronic devices, sounds in music concert includes both singer and instruments and sounds of birds and animals

(2)Explain sound waves                                                         

A wave is a vibratory disturbance in a medium which carries energy from one point to another, without there being a direct contact between two punts,

When a wave passes through a medium, the medium itself does not move along the direction of wave only the particles of the medium moves.

When a sound waves produced by a mobile come to us through air from the mobile to our ears, only sound energy travels through the vibrations of the air molecules.

(3) What are sound waves? explain its types.

The sound is the vibratory disturbance in a medium, vibrates in medium, travels in medium consists of two types .depends on vibration it is classified into types transverse wave and longitudinal waves

(4) What are longititual waves? Give example

A wave in which the particles of the medium vibrate back and front in the same direction in which the wave is moving is called a longitudinal waves

.longitudinal wave can be seen in solids liquids and gases

Eg.The wave produced when a guitar is plucked

(5) What are transverse wave? Give example

        Wave in which the particles of the medium vibrate up and down at right angles to the direction in which the wave is moving is called transverse wave

Egg. When a stone dropped in a pond of water transverse water wave produced on the surface of water

Light radio waves also example of transverse wave

 (6) What is compression and rarefaction in longitudinal wave?

Rarefaction ; Longitudinal wave in which particles of the medium  are farther apart than normal  there is a momentary  increase in the volume of the medium

Compression; longitudinal wave in which particles of the medium, a region of high pressure.

Longitudinal wave consist of compression and rarefaction travelling through a medium 

(7) What are Trough and crest   in Transverse wave?

Trough;     in transverse wave is a part of below the line of zero disturbance on moving

Crest; == the elevation or hump in a transverse wave called crest

A transverse wave consist of crest and trough

(8)What are the characteristics of sound wave?

A sound wave consist of five character that are, wavelength, amplitude

Time period, Frequency and velocity

(9) What is Wavelength?

The minimum distance in which a sound wave repeats itself is called its wave lengh.The SI UNIT for measuring wavelength is meter (m)

(10)Define Amplitude

The maximum displacement of the particle of the medium from their original undisturbed positions when a wave passes through the medium is called amplitude. The SI UNIT of amplitude is meter

(11)What is time period?

The time required to produce one complete wave is called time period of the wave. The time period of a wave is denoted is by the letter (T).The unit of measurement of the period is seconds(S)

(12)What is frequency of the wave?

The number of late waves produced in one second is called the frequency f the wave.SI unit of frequency is Hertz .Hz.1 hertz equal to 1 vibration per second,

And 1kilohertz equal to 1000Hz

(13) What is velocity of wave?

The distance travelled by a wave in one second is called speed or velocity of the wave .Its unit is meters per second. Mgs or ms1

(14)Relate velocity, Frequency and wavelength of a wave.

Velocity of a wave-_frequency wavelength

A stone thrown in a pond exhibiting Transverse waves(Rippeles)
The waves created when the strings of a guitar is strung is called Longitudinal waves
crest and truff
Compression and rarefraction

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