1. The most appropriate method to measure the economic growth of the country gross domestic product (GDP)
  2. India is recorded as a country of demographic dividend due to high population in the age group of 15-64 years
  3. Green GDP accounted for the environmental degradation due to the economic progression of a country
  4. A country’s natural capital includes forest, water and minerals
  5. More than one-third of the world population lives in low-income economic countries
  6. More than three-quarters of the gross national income of the world are accounted for high-income economic countries
  7. The Gini-Lorenz is used to measure the distribution of income
  8. The major contribution towards the gross domestic saving in India in recent time is the household sector
  9. The TheKeynesiann theory advocates a mixed economy with a large role of government and public sector
  10. The economist who introduced GDP to measure the economic growth of a country Simon Kuznets
  11. The decade in which population recorded a negative growth rate in India is 1911-1921
  12. Philip curve is an inverse relationship between the rate of unemployment and inflation in an economy
  13. Angles law observes that as income raises the portion of income spent on food fails as even the actual expenditure on food raises
  14. The mixed economy is an economy where the co-existence of the private sector with a public sector
  15. The value of all final goods in the services produced by the normal residents of a country and their property whether operating within the domestic territory of the country or outside in a year is termed as gross national income
  16. Dada bai naoroji was the first Indian to estimate the national income of the country
  17. The national income committee established in India after gaining independence was headed by prof. V.K.R.V Rao
  18. The following are account for the calculation of gross domestic product of a country in the expenditure method private consumption, gross investment and government spending, net expenditure of the export and import
  19. The following is true about an open economy free from trade barriers and self-sufficient
  20. In India, the objective of social forestry which was started by the government is to reduce urbanization in rural areas
  21. Consumer demand is dealt with the study of microeconomic analysis
  22. The GDP at the market price is steadily increasing in the last decade
  23. The state that has a higher percentage of poverty according to the Suresh Tendulkar committee is Odisha
  24. The institution that prepares national income estimates in India is the central statical organisation
  25. After the economic liberation in 1991, the decline in the share of agriculture in GDP has been balanced by the increase in the share of service
  26. The unorganised sector of the Indian economy generates more than 80% of the total employment
  27. The character tics of the Indian economy are free dominance of agriculture, low per capita income, massive unemployment
  28. When development in an economy takes places the share of the tertiary sector in national income keeps increasing
  29. The employees of the following can have social security coverage under the employee’s state insurance scheme hotel and restaurants, motor transport undertaking, newspaper establishments, private medical institutions
  30. The agriculture sector has been the primary employment providing sector of India
  31. In urban areas of India service sector is the principal source of employment
  32. Kerala is the best performer of hid in indo
  33. Construction is not a part of the service sector in India
  34. The physical quality of life index is life expectancy, basic literacy rate, infant mortality rate
  35. Disposable income is called the income remaking out from the personal income after the payment of tax
  36. RK Shanmugam Chetty proposed the first union budget
  37.  The state of high and low per capita income are goa and Chandigarh respectively\
  38. Interest payment and subsidy causes an increase in non-plan expenditure
  39. The method of national income in manufacturing is the product method
  40. We can get NNP from GNP by GNP-DEPRECIATION

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