1. Scent sprayer is based on Bernoulli’s theorem
  2. Bernoulli’s theorem states that increase in the velocity of the fluid during the flow results in a simultaneous decrease in the pressure of the fluid
  3. Charles law states that the volume of an ideal gas at constant pressure is directly proportional to the absolute temperature
  4. Boyle’s law states that pressure of a given mass of an ideal gas is inversely proportional to its volume at a constant temperature
  5. Archimedes principle states that the upward buyart force that is extended on a body immersed in a liquid, whether fully or partially submerged is equal to the weight of the fluid that the body displaces and ads in the upward direction of the centre of mass of the displaced fluid
  6. Cooling is not done by burning cooking gas
  7. When ice melts, then the density increases and volume decreases
  8. Which of the following liquids is a very good conductor of heat mercury as it is the only liquid metal?
  9. Air is filled in vehicle tyre because it is highly compressible
  10. During the change of matter, the temperature of the substance remains the same as the heat taken/given by the substance is equal to the latent heat of fusion or vaporization of the substance
  11. An egg placed in the ordinary water sinks but floats when placed in brine. This is because the density of brine is equal to that of ordinary water
  12. A man is sitting in a boat that is floating in the pond. If the man drinks some water from the pond, the level of water in the pond will remain stationary
  13. A block of ice flooring in a beaker containing liquid so specific gravity greater than one. when the ice melts completely what happens to the level of liquid in the beaker it will rise as the specific gravity of a liquid is greater than one as the specific gravity of water is 1
  14. Why do two ice blocks join to form one block when pressed together melting point of ice is lowered with an increase in pressure
  15. For which one of the following is capillarity not the reason? Rising of underground water
  16. Capillary action is a phenomenon where liquid spontaneously flows in a narrow space such as a thin tube
  17. If a body is charged by rubbing it, its weight may increase slightly or may decrease slightly
  18. If a rock is brought from the surface of the moon to the earth, then its weight will change but not it’s mass 
  19. An oil tanker is partially filled with oil and moves forward on a level road with uniform acceleration. The free surface of oil then is inclined to the horizontal with a larger depth at the rear end
  20. Which one of the following particles has less than 0.002mm diameter clay particles?
  21. The hair of a shaving brush cling together when the brush is removed from water due to surface tension
  22. The apparent weight of a steel sphere immersed in various liquids is measured using a spring balance. The greatest reading is obtained for the liquid in which the sphere was submerged deepest
  23. In scuba-diving, while ascending towards the water surface there is a danger of bursting the lungs. It is because of Boyle’s law
  24. Which type/types of pen use/use capillary action in addition to gravity for the flow of ink? Fountain pen
  25. Which of the following petroleum refinery products has the lowest boiling point kerosene-200-300C, diesel-above300C, gasoline-70-200, lubricating oil-unvapourised liquid?
  26. Water is a good coolant and is used to cool the engines of cars, busses, trucks etc. it is because water has a high specific heat
  27. When a solid is heated, it turns directly into a gas. Thus, the process is called sublimation
  28. Matter around us can exist in three different states, namely, illiquid and gas. The correct order of their compressibility is solid<liquid<gas
  29. The temperature at which a solid melt became a liquid at the atmospheric pressure is called its melting point. The melting point of a solid is an indication of the strength of the intermolecular forces of attraction
  30. The melting point of a solid is defined as an indication of its purity

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