• World health day- 7th of April
  • Hippocrates– father of medicine. He gave a scientific explanation of disease for the first time
  • Susruta– father of surgery. He used non-poisonous leeches as an anti-coagulant during surgeries
  • Edward Jenner- father of immunity. He discovered the smallpox vaccine. He coined the term vaccination
  • Charaka- father of Ayurveda. He was the first to give the concepts of metabolism and immunity (ayur- life, Veda- knowledge)
  • Rudolf Virchow– father of modern pathology. Pathology is the study of bacteria and viruses
  • Landsteiner – father of blood grouping. Blood grouping is based on the protein antigen present in each blood group and is categorized into A, B, AB, and O. this act of categorising blood based on the presence and absence of antigens is called Blood grouping
  • Robert Koch- father of modern bacteriology (he was awarded the Nobel prize for his research on anthrax, T.B, cholera)
  • Richard Axel and Linda Buck – were awarded the Nobel for their discoveries of odorant receptors and the organization of the olfactory system.
  • Laveran- discovered the malarial parasite in the blood of the infected patient (1880)
  • Pfeiffer- discovered that malaria was caused by a certain variety of mosquito
  • Ronald rose- confirmed the discovery of the cycle of plasmodium and its transmission in the female anopheles’ mosquito in 1897
  • Von Behring- father of passive immunization. Passive immunization refers to the process of using the lymphocytes produced in another body due to the loss or lack of production in one’s own body
  • Louis Pasteur- discovered the process of inactivating pathogens and prepared vaccines of anthrax, cholera and rabies
  • The basis of the science of immunology was laid out by Edward Jenner, von Behring and Louis Pasteur
Louis Pasteur

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